<h1>Dropplets Light</h1>
  • Written by Mike Bond
  • June 26th, 2015
  • About Programming

Dropplets Light

I’ve been looking for a new blogging platform for a while, for both personal and work. Wordpress is a great platform, but overkill for what I need at home. At WVU Libraries we are constantly having to deal with our forked code branch and security updates and plugin security issues.

I want sometime simplier. Something that I can easily use for a blogging platform at home and easily extend to what we need at the libraries.

Dropplets seemed to fit the bill nicely. Write everything in markdown, upload it to the server. Basic caching built in, easy to work with templates, etc.

But ... the code had room for improvement and it hasn’t been actively developed since May 2013. There is still an active community in the Github Issue tracker, but there are 12 open pull requests to fix bugs spanning the past 2 years.

So ... I did what any self respecting developer would do, forked the Github Repository and started working on it. I immediately realized that Dropplets was too complex for my personal needs, and started stripping it down even further. I want to start with a truly bare-bones, minimal, blogging system.

I also started refactoring the code. Moving duplicate functionality out to functions, replacing some clunky code with PHP’s built in functions, and streamlining code where I could. I still have a long way to go before I’m happy with the code base (I’ve also introduced some cringe-inducing-code as a temporary solution). It is completely usable, and probably a better starting point than starting from scratch.

I’ve decided not to submit pull requests back to the original repo and rebrand as Dropplets Lite instead. Many of the changes that I’ve made to the codebase would be good pulls back into the original, but I’ve also removed a lot of functionality that I imagine is useful for most of the Dropplets community.

I plan on introducing additional functionality as Plugins and keeping the base platform as minimal as possible.